Advanced Igneous Petrology

This course is focused on providing a theoretical and experiential basis of intrusive systems and their erupted equivalents. Divided into two sections, first students dive into the physical and thermodynamic properties of magma, the processes that govern their generation, and build on empirical relationships to quantify various aspects of magmatic systems. The second portion of the course is focused on more practical aspects of igneous petrology, and involves a detailed discussion of how we characterize and interpret igneous systems from observational and geochemical methods. These lessons involve an introduction to python (or computer language of choice), and the require students to develop their own geochem program. Towards the end of class, we hone in on the potential, limitations, and future trajectories of stable and radiogenic isotopic systems. Programs introduced: MELTS, IGPET, ipython

Exercise 3 (week 3) in Advanced Igneous Petrology defining important variables and general relationships of conductive heat loss and chemical diffusion. Although students are encouraged to develop these routines in a computer language, the first several exercises are easily performed in excel.