Cobalt the Geologizing dog enjoying that Alaskan air

I have several active projects in a variety of tectonic settings. The majority of my research attempts to integrate the mechanisms and processes that govern the evolution of the continental crust, and applies modern aspects of petrology, geochemistry, and petrochronology. These tools help decipher metamorphic, igneous, and hydrothermal processes of complex systems including intrusive mechanisms of plutonic rocks, partial melting of mid to lower crust, and the post to late – fluid history of granitic systems.

Eocene plutonism along the Denali fault zone, AK

Para autochthon – allochthon boundary, Yukon Tanana Terrane, AK

Mount Prindle, White Mountains, AK

Athabasca granulite terrane and Snowbird Tectonic Zone Research

Adirondack Mountain Research

Monazite Petrochronology