I am currently teaching Mineralogy/Petrology courses at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks.  This follows a year spent at SUNY Plattsburgh teaching mineralogy/petrology and other courses including Evolution of Earth and Senior Seminar courses.

If you are in one of my classes and find something that might be worth including on this website, please let me know.

Advanced Petrology 621c

An in-depth look at modern issues and techniques in igneous and metamorphic processes.  Specifically designed to bridge the gap between igneous and metamorphic processes, and to link the two through a dynamic understanding of how igneous rocks form via metamorphism.  The class will utilize cutting-edge petrologic techniques to discuss some of the classic issues in petrology.

Advanced Petrology syllabus

Evolution of Earth 102

The study of geologic history of the Earth and its life.  Included is an in depth discussion of the growth and modification of continental land masses, early-life, and modern tectonic processes.

Spring 2018 Evolution of Earth Syllabus

Mineralogy 213/310

Introduction to the major concepts of mineralogy and optical mineralogy.  Topics include mineral systems, hand specimen and optical identification of minerals, crystallography, crystal chemistry, x-ray diffraction and EPMA analysis.  Laboratory exercises include identification of major minerals in hand specimen and with the petrographic and binocular microscopes

2018 Mineralogy syllabus

2017 Mineralogy syll

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

An in-depth study of igneous and metamorphic rocks including petrographic examination of characteristic rock textures and mineralogy.  Discussion of each rock group includes their mineralogy, chemistry, and processes of formation as related to plate tectonics.  Laboratory exercises emphasize identification of rock types in hand specimen, in thin section, and in the field.

Spring 2018 Petrology syll

Senior Seminar 440

Seminar discussion on selected topics or contemporary issues in geology.  Emphasis on techniques for effective communication through reports, research papers, abstracts, scientific proposals and written and oral presentation for professional and lay audiences.  Also introduces students to modern field and analytical approaches to Geological and environmental sciences.     

Fall 2017 GEOL 440syll